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Monday, April 12th, 2004

(burn me)

Subject:welcome to the end
Time:8:50 pm.
today is the day i give it all up
today is the day it is lost to me
today is the day i burn my poetry
... if you could even call this crap that.

good bye.

(burn me)

Time:8:35 pm.
inflate me
one more time
uplift me
just once more
bring me
again and again
take me
forever as yours
love me
for all time

lose me
please never more

(burn me)

Subject:to myself
Time:8:04 pm.
choke down this artificial sweetner
to make everything so much better

with this counterfit connfection
take away the trepidation

wipe away all your tears
jealousy will tame your fears

consumed by the conflagration
rage is your face in action

hate yourself for your impracticality
you caused the end with your triviality

Thursday, November 20th, 2003

(3 scars | burn me)

Time:10:18 pm.
red hot coals are searing my skin
the pleasant tingle of the after burn

heat destroying the calm

scorching the mattress
leaving patterns behind
tainted red on the skin

Saturday, November 8th, 2003

(1 scar | burn me)

Subject:stream of unconciousness 2; missing the way
Time:3:22 pm.
it looks like everything is going perfect, but no one knows the truth. the sun is rising, i must go soon. i can't stay in the same place forever. i definitely knew too much. unlike me, who sees only now, do you get nervous thinking about what comes after this? i don't particularly feel like walking in front of anyone. but i don't feel like walking behind anyone, either. light and shadow are really the same thing. if you close your eyes, you can see them on your own. things aren't random; maybe everything is inevitable. no matter how far apart we are, we're always under the same sky. as out, tale of two people begins here is filled with anxiety and hope. maybe life is valuable as it has no forms, maybe it is beautiful and cruel.

sometimes you realize just how pitiful you are and you crash into reality. it must be impossible to live without hurting anyone.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

(burn me)

Time:12:38 pm.

this a unique show in the nostalgic ambience of the hollow mirrored mind. the palace of mirrors in art of bleeding style with its intimitable atmosphere echos the guest performance in empty halls. dance with the splendid women of twisted sweetly lies on the tongue and with the delicious men with costume. only god can live here with their beauty and lies to see through it. lights of color crafted for blinding haunting this empty vessel.

only god can live here with no consequence.

(burn me)

Subject:how true is this in theory?
Time:12:35 pm.

I, as a clerihew,
Tend to be merry; too
Merry, it might, perhaps, by some, be claimed;
But I'm sure that these people are wrong, and need to be grievously maimed.
What Poetry Form Are You?

if i was not a clerihew, i would be a trilot (or something like that). unsure am i of myself, but i agree with this more than other things recently.

Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

(burn me)

Subject:what have i done?
Time:7:05 pm.
you are with me
you are in my veins, my blood
riding my highs and lows

i love you
you know this
yet you won't let it happen


Thursday, October 30th, 2003

(burn me)

Subject:Not my words, emotional similarities.
Time:8:46 pm.

Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep, this air is blessed, you share with me. This night is wild, so calm and dull, these hearts they race from self control. Your legs are smooth, as they graze mine, we're doing fine, we're doing nothing at all.

My hopes are so high, that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me, so I die happy? My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury, or wear as jewelery, which ever you prefer.

The words are hushed lets not get busted, just lay entwined here, undiscovered. Safe from the earth and all the stupid questions .. "Hey did you get some?" Man, that is so dumb. Stay quiet, stay near, stay close they can't hear, so we can get some.

Hands down this is the best day I ever remember. I'll always remember the sound of the stereo, the dim of the soft lights. The scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingers. And the time on the clock when we realized it's so late and this walk that we shared together. The streets were wet, and the gate was locked so I jumped it and let you in.And you stood at the door with your hands on my waist, and you kissed me like you meant it.

And I knew that you meant it.

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

(burn me)

Subject:dirty romance novels
Time:9:23 pm.
empty and ripped out
like a magazine photo
left behind memories of a foolish dreamed romance

if only it were real
but theories are never true
it will never be me
can i die for you?

bleeding and dying
crying and sighing
if only things were as real as i thought they were

a sickness taking over
blinded by the feelings
diseases rot me from the inside out

if only
if only i could
if only you would let me
if only you would

let me die for you

Sunday, September 28th, 2003

(burn me)

Time:3:06 pm.
fractured splinters of emotion
cutting like the seraded blade
within my kitchen drawer
my hand on the hilt
fingers gently curled
to pick it up
cold against skin
bleeding the things i cannot say
my arms cry for me instead of my eyes

Saturday, September 27th, 2003

(1 scar | burn me)

Subject:misplaced post righted
Time:2:35 am.
staring down the steel barrel of a browning
with the cold metal warming between accepting eyes
will never prepare you for life or the emotional
stress that caring for someone will put a beating heart through

watching the finger carefully waiting for the moment
the hand tenses before pulling the trigger is the only
chance you have of feeling fear
the bullet will enter your brain just as you hear the noise

a clean death, less painful than most

but if the gun turns away and only fires
through your shoulder, a hot-cold burning pain
will spread through your body from the wound out
you may or may not die; a aching heart feels similar

why did i choose to play with love rather than guns?

Thursday, September 25th, 2003

(burn me)

Time:9:06 pm.
petty and jealous
like a sparrow wants
to be a parrot
i want to be
someone else

Wednesday, September 24th, 2003

(burn me)

Subject:stream of unconciousness
Time:8:03 pm.
selfish, selfish. jealousy. i hate myself. what is mine is mine. belongs to me. ME! no one. nothing. simplicity. swing swing. forsaken simplicity to become the complexity of my life. fuck. fuck. FUCK! kill, kill, blood. mind hurts. brain sore? heart breaking, brake, broke. broken. gone. dead? dead. lost to me. no longer mine. forsaken, forsaken. bleeding .. slowly decay. decaying morals. what are morals? do i have morals lost, forsaken, dead.

gone forever? gone for now.

wounds smarting. be back never?

Monday, September 15th, 2003

(burn me)

Subject:as if i could care! too bad i do.
Time:9:39 pm.
a glass heart is terribly fragile
so beautiful and transparent
to be crushed in a hand easily
like a dream on a waking breath

to say one does not expect something
is a lie more false than most
anyone can expect
few can intercept

losing the abilty to protect
from inner monsters and
the hideous burning self
hurts more than anything else

the soul will decay before the body
if only i hadn't sold it

Wednesday, September 10th, 2003

(burn me)

Time:8:36 pm.
to end that which is nature
to kill one's predestined trait
to mutilate the soul

a winter is cold
and at times i think i should be colder

why is it that hope cannot be killed
as easily as kindled?

Thursday, August 28th, 2003

(burn me)

Subject:blinded by pink
Time:9:44 am.
pain is subjective and i have realized this for a long time
it can be anything you want it to be, pleasure, fun, joy ..
yet i choose for it to hurt, to bring sorrow and tears. i let
it rip me to shreds and i have come to believe it is one of
the few constants in my life

i hate it so much, yet i am not ready to give up pain all together
after all, isn't it better than nothing?

i'm beginning to wonder again.

Monday, August 18th, 2003

(burn me)

Time:10:29 pm.
fuck it, too blah to write

my life is an online blog

(1 scar | burn me)

Time:12:18 am.
to rip into pieces
and bleed your pain
is the most marvelous gift

and of all pills
sorrow is by far
the strongest killer

but when rage takes hold
and anger strikes through
blistering ice first worn

nothing but hatred
for life and it's actors
can be left

Monday, August 11th, 2003

(1 scar | burn me)

Subject:bleed for me
Time:10:34 pm.
run along the cold edge of a knife
slitting open your soul to bleed the
tears inescapable from your heart.

cover the wounded heart lying on your
sleeves of false comprehension while
you wonder if it is really the same.

scream for me the drying orange and
deepening the scalding ashes falling
from the exotic world hidden from eyes.

while ancient erotic lungs fill with
the love of passion and simplistic lies
the newborn heart freezes in lush heat.

now if you can really understand
the words spun from the spiderweb
this devious stranger admires the
strength in which you draw from.

LiveJournal for digitalicious deviant.

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You're looking at the latest 20 entries. Missed some entries? Then simply jump back 20 entries.